With our flesh and blood,
let us destroy the new Great Wall!
* “Reversed Front: Bonfire” on the App Store is currently undergoing re-review, and the link for it cannot be clicked. The pre-order page on Google Play will be available after the completion of the three-phase closed beta test. We apologize for any inconvenience.
  1. The event begins immediately and will last until 23:59 (UTC+08:00) of the day before the official launch of Reversed Front: Bonfire. For the latest details please see the Reversed Front Facebook page.
  2. The pre-registration rewards for Reversed Front: Bonfire should be claimed on your code inquiry page, and redeemed by entering the code in the game. The virtual goods rewards gained through this event cannot be exchanged for cash or other merchandise of the same value.
  3. Each EMAIL can only enter pre-registration once. Participants shall ensure the correct entry of their information and shall not make duplicate entries. The service provider reserves the right to disqualify a user from claiming rewards and terminate relevant services if a user is found to have entered the pre-registration through fraudulent means and consequently qualified for the reward.
  4. The rewards for reaching the pre-registration participation goal plus a bonus for dual-platform pre-registration should be claimed by logging in within 14 days after the official launch of the game. Reissue is not possible if a user fails to claim their reward(s) due to personal reasons. If a player is unable to participate in the event due to personal issues that result in unstable or problematic connections, the rewards cannot be reissued.
  5. Personal information collected through the event page will be used for the promotion of the mobile game Reversed Front: Bonfire.
  6. The service provider reserves the rights to modify or terminate the event, to modify the contents of the event and rewards, and to modify, cancel, suspend, or terminate the content of the event and rewards in the case of any outstanding matters during the event. Please understand that any changes will be announced on the event page without further notice.